We invest in their future with Sanabel Savings Account with the highest return rate and the best prizes!

Open your child's Sanabel Savings Account to win valuable rewards, as well as the chance to win the quarter million JOD prize!


  • Sanabel accounts for family trips to Disneyland Paris and Wild Wadi Dubai, school tuition and fun electronics.
  • Entering the draws for the monthly quarter million JOD prize and JD 1,000 per day for savings accounts.
  • Pre-approved credit card for the father or mother with a limit of 200 dinars.
  • A valuable gift for the child by raising their account balance by a maximum of 20%, depending on average balance and commitment period.


Bonus Commitment / Years
1% 1
3% 2
5% 3
7.5% 4
10% 5
12.5% 6
15% 7
20% 8


  • The minimum amount transferred or deposited in the account is JD 25 per month.The maximum monthly balance average to calculate the bonus is JD 50,000.
  • The maximum monthly balance permitted including the rewards is 50,000 JOD.
  • The minimum balance when opening or transferring from a savings account to a Sanabel account is 200 JOD.
  • Cash withdrawals are allowed over the counter according to the following conditions:
    • Growth of the account balance at the end of the month by a minimum of 25 JOD.
    • The balance should not be less than 200 JOD.
  • If the balance of the account does not grow at the end of the month from the beginning of the minimum 25 JOD, the account does not enter the draws, and the client is given a grace period until the end of the following month, after which a fine of 5 JOD will be placed.
  • In case of exceeding the aforementioned period up to 3 months, the account will be automatically withdrawn from the program.
  • The connection period will be renewed automatically.


Required Documents:

  •   Valid Parents ID (Mother or Father).
  •   Identification for the minor.


Bank terms and conditions apply.