Secure your children’s future and win many prizes with the “Sanabel” savings account 

  • Benefits:
  • Exclusive draws for “Sanabel” account holders including family trips to Disneyland/ Paris and Wild Wadi/ Dubai, school tuition payment and electronic devices.
  • Entering the savings accounts drawings on valuable cash prizes.
  • Preapproved credit card for parents with a limit of JD 200.
  • A valuable gift for the child by raising their account balance by a maximum of 20%, depending on average balance and commitment period.


Bonus Commitment / Years
1% 1
3% 2
5% 3
7.5% 4
10% 5
12.5% 6
15% 7
20% 8


  • At least JD 25 must be transferred or deposited into the account monthly.
  • The maximum monthly balance average to calculate the bonus is JD 50,000.
  • Minimum balance to open a “Sanabel” account or to convert a savings account to a “Sanabel” account is JD 200.
  • You may withdraw money at bank counters given the following conditions:
    • The account balance must increase by a minimum of JD 25 by the end of the month. 
    • The minimum monthly account balance is JD 200.
  • In case the account balance did not grow by JD 25 by the end of a given month, the account will not be eligible to enter the draw and a grace period to deposit the minimum amount will be extended to the end of the following month, after which a JD 5 fine will apply.
  • If the balance did not grow by JD 25 for 3 consecutive months, the account will be closed and an early closing fee of JD 25 will apply.
  • In case a customer requested to close the account, she/he has to sign on the account closure form and an early closing fee of JD 25 will be deducted from the account.
  • The attachment period will be automatically renewed. 

Required Documents:

  •   Valid Parents ID (Mother or Father).
  •   Identification for the minor.


Bank terms and conditions apply.