Bank of Jordan launches the Points Program for credit card holders.

The Points Program allows credit card holders to win valuable prizes and enjoy extra benefits using points earned from each purchase they make.

Earning valuable points with the Points Program is instant and free, so hurry and sign up for a credit card with Bank of Jordan today to earn and collect points from your everyday purchases for valuable prizes.

How to earn points:

All you need is your credit card from Bank of Jordan, which you can use anywhere and to collect points with every purchase as shown in the table below:

Type of credit card Number of points earned
World MasterCard 1 point for every 5 JD spent
Platinum card 1 point for every 7 JD spent
Gold card 1 point for every 10 JD spent
Classic card 1 point against for every 15 JD spent
Wearable Pay 1 point against for every 15 JD spent
Junior Card 1 point against for every 15 JD spent

Additional notes about the program:

  • A new World mastercard comes automatically with 50 points, a Platinum card  with 30 points, a Gold card with 20 points and a classic card with 10 points
  • Points are awarded on the value of each purchase transaction, and the new points add to the existing point balance
  • You can use the points balance of any additional credit card (that has a different ceiling) to add more points to the balance of your primary credit card


If you are a Bank of Jordan credit card holder and you use your credit card to make the following purchases:

  • To purchase 150 JD in home appliances
  • To purchase 50 JD in clothing
  • To pay 1,000 JD in school fees
  • To pay 25 JD for a meal
  • To pay 30 JD for fuel (from a gas station)
  • To pay 15 JD in online purchases

You will earn the following points:

Amount paid
Number of points earned
(Classic card)
Number of points earned
Gold card)
Number of points earned
(Platinum card)
150 10 15 21
50 3 5 7
1000 66 100 142
25 1 2 3
30* 0 0 0
15 1 1 2
Total 81 123 175

* Purchases from gas station are excluded from the program.

How to check your point balance:

Your total point balance will appear in your monthly credit card statement. You will receive a mobile message each month informing you that your statement has been issued. You can also contact our call center at +962 6 5807777.

Redeeming points:

  • You are eligible to Redeem your points once you earn the number of points required for each prize. We encourage you to visit our website frequently to stay updated with program details.You can contact our call center 24/7 at +962 6 5807777
  • You need a minimum of 400 points to Redeem your points
  • You can win a maximum value of 2,500 JD in prizes each year
  • Instead of paying in cash to renew your credit card, you can also use your point balance, as shown below:
    • 500 points to renew your Platinum card
    • 200 points to renew your Gold card
    • 100 points to renew your Classic card

Program Partners:

Bank of Jordan partners with a wide variety of stores to offer you awards and rewards for your program points.

*The number of points for prizes are subject to change according to the prices at the company when requesting awards.




Gas Stations




Gifts & Jewelry


Travel & Tourism


Electronics & Home Appliances


Restaurants & Cafes






Flowers & Sweets


Health Care


Photography & Occasions


Auto Parts & Services

Beauty and Fitness


General terms and conditions:

  • All goods and services provided are subject to change and modification
  • Purchases from gas stations and public entities (ministries and government departments) are excluded from the program
  • When redeeming points, any remaining points in the customer's point balance shall be retained and can be used later
  • The customer shall receive his/her gift 30 days after submitting the eligibility application
  • If the value of the gift is less than the value of the coupon, the customer shall not be entitled to the price difference
  • The maximum value of prizes shall not exceed 2,500 JD in one year
  • This program shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the bank, and the bank has the right to make changes to the program without prior notice.
  • Points earned through the Points program and not redeemed will expire after 24 months of accrual.

 For more information and further inquiries, contact our call center 24/7 at +962 6 5807777. For merchants who wish to join the program, contact our call center and leave an address, and we will contact you later.