Bank of Jordan provides overdraft service to all clients within the small and medium-size enterprises sector. This service finances their needs and provides them with the required liquidity to continue operations and activities, with specific ceilings that correspond with their commercial business volume.

What is an overdraft account?

It is a form of credit facility that enables small and medium-size enterprises to obtain additional capital from time-to-time to finance working capital. The first step is extending a ceiling customized to the specific needs of the client. Interest is calculated monthly on the outstanding balance and not the ceiling, which gets renewed annually.

Advantages of an overdraft account from Bank of Jordan

  • A credit ceiling that matches your needs and volume of commercial business
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Easy and quick processing of credit extension
  • Calculating interest monthly on the outstanding balance and not the ceiling
  • Renewing the overdraft ceiling annually
  • Easy withdrawal from and depositing into the account
  • Receiving a chequebook

Beneficiaries from the overdraft account

  • All entities and projects of whatever activity or line of business
  • Entrepreneurs and individuals who own trading and industrial establishments

Commercial Services Centers at Bank of Jordan

To upgrade the level of services provided to small and medium-size enterprises and to speed up the processing of transactions at the highest degree of professionalism, Bank of Jordan has established 11 specialized centers across the Kingdom.

The locations are as follows:

  • Shmeisani    
  • Mecca Street     
  • Gardens   
  • Al Rawnaq
  • First Circle 
  • Al Hussein 
  • Aqaba    
  • Qweismeh                     
  • Marka      
  • Zarqa    
  • Irbid