Bank of Jordan offers its clients diversified and comprehensive options of financial and banking services that fulfill all their commercial needs. Specifically, the options include loans to finance letters of credits and bills as well as discounted commercial bills to finance import letters of credit, transfers or bills. The transaction covers financing a certain portion of each letter of credit or bill whereas the repayment is to be settled separately for each financing by monthly installment to be agreed by the Bank and the client.

What is meant by Financing Letters of Credit/Bills for collection?

This product is either extended for one time or as a permanent credit facility to be used for financing all sorts of letters of credit, whether for import or transfers and bills. The financing goes for a certain portion of the amount of the letter of credit or bill whereas the repayment of each financing is settled separately by monthly installments to be agreed between the Bank and the customer. While interest is charged monthly on the diminishing outstanding balance, the commission is charged in advance.

Advantages of Financing Letters of Credit/Bills at Bank of Jordan

  • Financing that matches the needs of your commercial business operations
  • Easy and quick processing of transactions
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Easy monthly installments

Beneficiaries from the services of Financing Letters of Credit/Bills for collection/discounted commercial bills

  • All entities and projects of whatever activity or line of business
  • Individuals who own trading and industrial vocations
  • Persons who deal in export/import businesses

Commercial Services Centers at Bank of Jordan

To upgrade the level of services provided to small and medium-size enterprises and to speed up the processing of transactions at the highest degree of professionalism, Bank of Jordan has established 11 specialized centers across the Kingdom.

The locations are as follows:

  • Shmeisani
  • Mecca Street
  • Gardens
  • Al Rawnaq
  • First Circle
  • Al Hussein
  • Aqaba
  • Qweismeh                     
  • Marka
  • Zarqa
  • Irbid