We present to you the MasterCard Debit with a newly integrated set of great features, offers, and benefits that enable you to access the money in your account when and wherever you may need it. You can also track all your transactions through the BOJ Mobile app.


Issuing Fees


Replacement Fees (lost or damaged)

5 JD

Issuing a new PIN

1 JD




  • Contactless payment
  • Ability to use the card all around the world
  • Free SMS alerts when making withdrawals or deposits or purchases . 
  • Ability to use the card online, (within the daily limit of 500 JOD, adjustable by the client)
  • Plenty of discounts and special offers in a variety of different stores (such as restaurants, cafes, medical centers, resorts, etc.)
  • Widely accepted at stores with cash withdrawals from any ATM around the world.
  • Free supplementary card issuance.
  • Protection and security with Smart Chip technology.
  • Ability to link the card to more than one account (up to 8 accounts).
  • The possibility of requesting an electronic statement through the website free.

Daily spending limit:

  • 2500 JD for all types of purchases
  • No monthly limit

Daily cash withdrawal limit:

Wissam Al Mummayz


Regular Client

3000 JD

1500 JD

1000 JD