Bank of Jordan understands its obligations towards society and its role in enabling growth and progress for the community at large. Thus, it continued to extend cash and other forms of support to various community-based organizations, charities, and voluntary associations.

In edutainment, the Bank renewed its partnership agreement with the children’s “Hikayat Simsim”, the local version of the renowned Sesame Street series, for the eighth year in a row. It also remained committed to granting children and their parents free access to the Children’s Museum on the first Friday of each month, under a partnership forged nine years ago.

The Bank was also a corporate sponsor of a family house in the SOS children’s village in Irbid government.

Additionally, it participated in INJAZ leadership campaign for public schools, coaching students into success professionally and in real life. The Bank also helped researchers and students access much-needed information to complete their studies.

Building on the previous years, Bank of Jordan continued to fund several scholarships in the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Arts /UNRWA, the Ministry of higher education and Scientific research, and Elia Nuqul Institute. For the year 2017 the Bank Funded another scholarships program in cooperation with the AMIDEAST. Moreover, the Bank covered the tuition costs of five female students enrolled in a six-month training workshop on healthcare assistance (2017-2018) organized by Princess Taghreed Institute for Development and Training.

On another front, Bank of Jordan supported the Community Financial Awareness Project that introduced students to key financial and banking concepts. It also contributed to awareness-raising campaigns to educate citizens on how to manage their savings and personal property.

Added to that, assistance was extended to King Abdullah II Center for Excellence, which aims to promote corporate excellence through distinguished performance, innovation, and quality.

On the environment front, the Bank supported the National Initiative for Traffic Safety, in addition to co-sponsoring the eight International Conference on Traffic Safety organized by Jordan Traffic Institute. It also took part in a tree-planting campaign organized by the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature to help impoverished families in the Jordan Valley secure a source of income.

Other institutions that received cash assistance in 2017, included the King Hussein Cancer Foundation, Al-Hussein Society, the Society for the Families and Friends of the Disabled, and the Society for the Care of Gifted Autistic Children. This is in addition to supporting MAP solidarity campaign, Al-Karak Reconstruction Association, the Palestine International Institute, and the National Fund for Treating the Poor.

Besides, the Bank supported the White Beds Society helping them to continue to care for senior citizens.

Also in 2017, the Bank continued to sponsor families of martyrs from the Jordan Armed Forces and security apparatus who served and died for their country.

In Palestine, the Bank took part in clothes distribution ceremony for underprivileged children in Ramallah. It also took part in the Welfare Association’s tree-planting campaign, aimed at planting 40,000 seedlings in support of farmers in Palestinian territories.