(Amman – July 2018) BoJ Clients can now make payments with a simple tap of the wrist using the “Smart Bracelet”, the first such wearable in the Kingdom.

The innovative and secure bracelet operates just like any other contactless prepaid card.   Once users tap the wearable at any supported POS terminal, the transaction is processed and the amount is deducted.

Clients can order the wearable for their own use or for their children. Parents can set the daily and monthly withdrawal limits of the device. They also receive text messages of purchases made using the bracelet, which allows them to monitor and control their children’s expenses. 

Executive Director for retail banking services, Mr. Khaled Abu Jawid, said that rolling out the gadget “falls under the Bank’s strategy of keeping abreast of latest technology and global trends in the banking industry aimed at improving the list of e-services on offer.”