(Amman – December) The Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) has listed Bank of Jordan (BOJ) in the MSCI Frontier Markets Index; this listing was activated end of November 2016.

This inclusion of BOJ comes to evidence the Bank's performance and strength of its financial position, its commitment to international standards, disclosure requirements and instructions from regulators, along with several other criteria include free circulation rates and volumes.

Also this addition confirms putting Jordan on the world investment map, as the MSCI are the most universally adopted as reference indicators in assessing the financial markets, and of great importance to investors and funds that track global market indices.

It is worth to mention that BOJ has achieved a strong positive performance over the past five years and improved the strength of its financial position and performance of the various solvency ratios and efficient management of assets. BOJ increased its assets from 2,016.6 million Jordanian dinars as of 31/12/2012 to 2,379.9 million Jordanian dinars as of September 2016, shareholder equity amounted to 382.4 million Jordanian dinars as of September 2016 compared to 276.5 million Jordanian diners at the end of 2012.  

Today Bank of Jordan is one of the largest bank in the Jordanian market with a capital of 200 million Jordanian dinars as of September 30, 2016; the capital adequacy ratio was 18.9% above the minimum required by the Central Bank of Jordan and the requirements of the Basel Committee.