The new “Neqati” program…rewards you for all your banking transactions with Bank of Jordan


Aiming to offer more benefits to Bank of Jordan banking bundle customers, we have developed the "Neqati" rewards program, The first of its kind in Jordan, that offers exclusive rewards to the bundles customers when obtaining Bank of Jordan products and services, in addition to credit cards usage.

Collecting Points:

Banking bundles (Tumuhi, Tumuhi Al Mumayaz, Istiqrari, Istiqrari Al Mumayaz and Al Wissam Al Mumayaz) customers will benefit from exclusive rewards when collecting points based on the average annual balance of savings and current accounts.

The Neqati program allows you to redeem your points for generous rewards and offers from selected stores.

The collected points will be added to your credit card points balance at the end of each month, as per the below table, therefore you must apply for your credit card to benefit from the "Neqati" program, generous rewards and offers from specially selected outlets.

Product / services Number of points
Current and Savings accounts 1 point for each JD 1,000/month (Based on the annual savings account or current account average)
Personal loans 25 points for each JD 10,000 (applicable once, when disbursing the loan)
Car/mortgage loans 10 points for each JD 10,000 (applicable once, when disbursing the loan)
Electronic bill payment 1 point for each bill paid using electronic channels

You will receive the below points when using your credit card to pay for purchases

Card type Number of points
Silver 1 point for each JD 15 purchase value
Gold 1 point for each JD 10 purchase value
Platinum 1 point for each JD 7 purchase value


Points Balance

You can check your total points balance through:

  • Your monthly credit card statement.
  • Your monthly credit card statement issuance SMS.
  • The customer call center.

Points Redemption :

  • You can redeem your points for shopping vouchers, allowing you to shop at various outlets. To view the merchants participating in this program, please Click here, contact our Call Center around the clock or download the "Points and Discounts" application on your smartphone.
  • You can use your points to pay your credit card renewal fees. You will need 100, 200, or 500 points to renew your silver, gold or platinum card, respectively.

Points Redemption Conditions:

  • The minimum number of points to be redeemed is 400.
  • The list of participating merchants is subject to change.
  • Gas stations, government institutions and ministries are not included in the "Neqati" program.
  • When exchanging your points, you will retain unused points.
  • Points are valid for two years from the date of issuance.
  • The shopping vouchers will be issued 30 days after applying for points exchange.
  • You will not be refunded for any price difference when using your vouchers at any participating merchants.
  • The maximum amount for redeemed rewards is JD 2,500 per customer annually.


  • You will instantly be rewarded 10, 20 or 30 points upon issuing your silver, gold or platinum card, respectively.
  • The earned points for each purchase will be calculated and added to your previous point balance.
  • You can add your secondary card points balance to the primary card balance.
  • Neqati program is subject to bank terms and conditions, and the bank reserves the right to make any changes to the program without prior notice.

Apply now for any of our banking bundles and ask for your credit card to benefit from the "Neqati" program. For more information, please visit your nearest branch. You can also contact our Call Center around the clock at 06 5807777.