Driven by a sense of responsibility towards the environment and community, Bank of Jordan continued to support and sponsor various scientific, cultural, sports and social activities and charities.
 In the education sector, BoJ offered ten scholarships in the UNRWA- run Faculty of Educational Sciences and Arts. Another 33 university scholarships were funded through the Bank of Jordan Fund in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The Bank sponsored a distinguished student in the prestigious King’s Academy School. This is in addition to furnishing information to students and researchers to help them complete their studies.

Celebrating eight years of cooperation with the Children’s Museum, BoJ sponsored the “Open Days” initiative, allowing thousands of children and their parents free entry on the first Friday of each month. In Palestine, the Bank is helping improve children’s creative reading and writing skills in partnership with the Jerusalem-based Arma’ institution.The Bank has also joined hands with the Central Bank of Jordan to promote financial awareness among citizens.

On the environment front, the Bank took part in a tree planting campaign in Balqa governorate that is organized by the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature. The initiative is part of efforts to increase green space and fight desertification. It has also supported the (Back to the Future) initiative for the production of art pieces made of natural wool. The scheme is aimed at creating employment opportunities for impoverished citizens in the Jordan Valley. 

In sports, the Bank sponsored runner Nabil Maqableh - the visually-impaired category -and facilitated his participation in marathons inside and outside Jordan, under the Bank’s scheme to support special-needs athletes. It also co-sponsored Jordanian climber Nuha Bulbul, being among the first group of Jordanian women to successfully climb Mira Peak in the Himalayas, 6,476 meters above sea level.
Over the course of the year, Bank of Jordan co-sponsored King Al-Hussein Cancer Center Goal for Life" Football tournament", and extended donations to charity campaigns organized by the Jordan Hashemite Fund for Human Development. Moreover, the Bank bought several Braille Sense U2 machines for visually-impaired students.

Several other associations and charities received cash donations from the Bank in the year 2016. These included Al karak Construction Association, the Jordan Medical Aid for Palestinians Association, and the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, Palestine International Institute. The Bank also supported the Cycling for Palestine initiative, and co-sponsored "the Martyr" Symphony.